1. 1860: Leaf Street Baths and Wash House
      Manchester and Salford Baths and Laundries Company establish first bathhouse in Hulme
    1. 1880: Fancy Dress Ball Raid
      "One of the foulest orgies to ever disgrace any town": Famous raid on a drag (?) ball in a temperance hall by Det Jerome Caminada
    1. 1906: Pryme Street Baths and Wash House
      Second bath and wash house built with laundry and slipper baths only
    1. 1983: The Old Pubs of Hulme
      Guide to pubs in old Hulme published. "There was also a dancing bear outside the pubs on Chester Road, which per­formed for our pennies"
    2. 1984: The Hulme Project
      Workshops held to discuss the future of Hulme with residents
    3. 1985: Hulme Tenant's Alliance
      Umbrella group formed to share information and support on Hulme-wide issues
    4. 1985: Second Hulme Conference
      Conference to discuss future of Hulme at Birley High School
    5. 1985: From Hulme All Blessings Flow
      Memoirs of a Henry Watkin, a Hulme resident published, who grew up around 1900
    6. 1988: Housing Defects In Manchester
      Publication by Manchester City Council detailing the terrible state of their council housing stock, railing at Central Government
    1. 1990: Homocult
      Controversial working class queer artists publish their manifesto
    2. 1990: P.I.G. (Public Information Gazette)
      Local newsletter started by Hulme residents
    3. 1991: Hulme Park
      Park built in Hulme using "design against crime" principles
    4. 1991: Views from the Crescents
      Publication of a fifteen month project to record peoples experiences of Hulme and their aspirations
    5. 1992: Community Planning Workshop
      Report published on "the new yeart of hulme"
    6. 1992: Gaia 92 and bLoOm Arts
      Artists' collective formed to introduce art to the Hulme City Challenge and pressure public agencies for more funding
    7. 1992: Hulme City Challenge
      Manchester City Council submits proposal for transforming Hulme to central government
    8. 1994: Hulme Guide To Development
      Hulme Regeneration Ltd. publishes guide to what they learned working on Hulme
    9. 1997: Hulme High Street
      Hulme shopping center redeveloped
    10. 1997: Homes & Work For Change
      Cooperative living and workspace set up, known locally as the Yellowbricks